February 12, 2013

Top 4 Reasons to Apply to the Laureate Global Fellowship

Guest Post By Rafael Henrique Rodrigues

Are you still wondering whether you should apply for the 2013 Laureate Global Fellowship?

As a 2012 Fellow, I feel compelled to offer some insight. Read on to learn the top four reasons you shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by.

1) Support from Impassioned Allies 

Some call you insane; some call you bold. If you really want to change the world, you may be a little of both. That said, the life of a social entrepreneur can be challenging, with few places to turn for support. 

YouthActionNet truly believes that young people like us can change the world. They believe in it so much that they have selected knowledgeable and passionate staff to help us with this mission.

Each member of the YouthActionNet team is not only a committed professional, but also a great human being.. To work with people who want to change the world, you must be one!

As a fellow, you will experience the unique opportunity to be supported by people who think (and act) like you to take your social organization to the next level!

2) Learn in an Amazing Setting 

Every year the YouthActionNet retreat happens somewhere fantastic (last year for example, I had the opportunity to visit Istanbul).

This year you should be especially excited to be a fellow… Between feasting on international cuisine, dancing Argentine tango, gathering with new friends around drinks and samba dancing on the weekend, you will have the experience of a lifetime in São Paulo, Brazil— my hometown and the location of the 2013 fellowship retreat!

3) Forge Lifelong Bonds 

Excited about the possibility of exploring a new place like São Paulo? I know the feeling.  The opportunity to discover Istanbul, on the other side of the globe, was unique for me. 

I must admit, however, that the experience of spending an entire week immersed with 19 other young social entrepreneurs from all corners of the world surpassed, by far, the experience of visiting the city.

In just seven days I made friendships that will last a lifetime. Living and learning everyday with a group of people sharing the same motivation and desire to make the world a better place was inspiring and pushed me to give my best every day since I have returned home. 

4) Join an Unparalleled Global Network 

Excited? There's more!

YouthActionNet’s network of over 700 youth-led organizations guarantees you:
  • Access to key players in your field that you couldn’t approach on your own
  • New tools to take your venture to a higher level
  • Public recognition that will open new doors
  • Many new opportunities due to the expansion of your social network
  • Endless sources of inspiration and friends in many new places you may travel
 Are you convinced yet? I hope we have the opportunity to discuss these this and more, in person, at the retreat in São Paulo! Best of luck on your application!
Learn how to make your application stand out and apply today!

2012 Laureate Global Fellow Rafael Henrique founded Organized Systems for Sustainability (S.O.S.) in São Paulo which fosters more efficient recycling across the entire production chain, while creating fair incomes and decent Jobs for workers engaged in recycling.

Rafael with CEOs of Laureate, Bilgi University, and IYF

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